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It is our aim to organise weekly guild events. This week our target is Death Watch Bunker.

We work together as a team and have proven to be a powerfull fighting force. So far we have attacked Death Watch Bunker three times and have formed a cohesive unit. Unfortunatey each of our attempts so far has failed but we are learning our way about the bunker and are perfecting our team work.

Under the leadership of Gaildo we are confident that we have the ability to complete our goals. Our planning and teamwork are excellent but unfortunatley we can not plan for the actions of other characters outwith our guild. The actions of these outsiders has been our only downfall.

We must learn to overcome these hurdles as the bunker is a public arena and it is inevitable that other groups and/or individuals will also be conducting their own raids.

Watch this space !! Soon we will have completed this event and will move on to our next. Check out our screenshots from the bunker.

Screenshots from Vault XIII Raid on Death Watch Bunker