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22 June 2002

I've finally got round to adding more content to my site, including the dungeon siege part. Its a pretty cool area, and the files section has all the best files I have come across. They are some seriously cool ones there. Last month saw 20,000 visitors to the site, so i would just like to thank all of you who may be reading this. And thanks also goto ASk and all the people down at for advising me on what to do with this, but at the moment i dont know where to go with it... :( any ideas would be gratefully welcomed. Just send an email to the adress below. Thanks again.

8th Of May 2002;

I have been doing some work on this site. Like adding the clan page. I dont know if it's up yet though. I'll try and keep you all posted. If you want to join The Dark Jedi Forces please send me an email to

Don't apply if you'r shite because there is no way you will get in. Elite players only wanted to play in clan matches. must be frequent. : )


1st Of April 2002;

Hello and Welcome to SabreSite.
I know its pretty annoying when i page is under construction but seeming this site has only be up since the 3 of april you can kind of give lee-way to that fact cant you? please. Anyway by the time i have finished coming to terms with the tools and overall mastering how to use dreamweaver. Plus finishing the site it will be full of the goory details and how to finally complete the games like jk2 (Jedi-Knight II:Jedi Outcast) and STARWARS Starfighter. It will take some time, but i have lots of time on my hands : ) . If you would like to help with the site pleeze email me at with :

Your Name
Date Of Birth
In Game Name (If you play online starwars games)
And games you play if any.

Thanks alot. As of now i will willingly let anyone i can trust help with the site. So get on emailing. All you require is little knowledge of Dreamweaver Mx. Also any ideas that should be put on this site can you email me the details to

thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou !!!!!!!