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[DJF] The Dark Jedi Forces



[dfj] is a Sith clan for all the elite jedi's out there. You may think, oh its a crap site, so its gunna be a crap clan. But then you would of though wrong my laddy (or lassy :s) because not every clan leader has elite coding skills. hehe. anyway back to the subject of my clan. ive not got many peeps in it at the mo but thats because of the high standards you have to riquire to get in. If you think you are good enough to join [djf] or you just wanna have a laugh send an email to and i will get back to you in 24 hours. Special allowances will be made to anyone that would be able to help us with a clan server (ie. home run one). Tough act out of the way, were all really nice people and arnt that kind of childish whiners that call other players *n00b's* unless someone bosts about being great when in fact they are total pap.My aim is to play at least 1 clan match a week (thats not including ladder games) and to improve the skills of others. If your a new member head over to the clan members page and add all of the people on it. eg. and the like. :s anyway 1 more thing before i go. You need to have msn messenger to join [djf] just so we can all discuss the clan and the matches (its easier if every1 is in the same place) you can get it at (you would neva of guessed)


Thanks for your time. The site will be updated when i can be arsed. lol .